How about doing flower care business

if only care, I believe a lot of people should be very familiar, after all, such a career in the current market, but there is a very large demand. Here, the small business opportunities are not introduced by our understanding of care, but flower care. So, how about doing flower care business?

now, cities and towns around the flowers, flowers and more units of the day, more and more flowers and trees market, flower shop, bonsai shop into a city. However, the trouble of love flower also followed, and that is the problem of flower care.

many people in the market to buy fresh vitality of flowers, home after a few days, there leaves yellow and fall leaves, drooping, rot phenomenon. Good flowers become dead, not only anxious owner. This is due to water, fertilizer, soil, sunlight, temperature, basin and other factors caused by disharmony. The actual situation is the florist, florist, and "Huhuashizhe" is a rare, expensive flowers do nothing to die, it is a pity.

also, in addition to pests and diseases, the basic knowledge of flowers, how to change box, fertilization, fertilizer application of what, what medicine to spray, how much water, pruning, bloom season, how to care for these problems, the vast majority of people can’t answer. Some people want to find help from others below kind of lace, time, energy, money spent a lot, still miss the point.

therefore, a flower nursing skills, can provide governance flower pests, nursing flowers service, provide advice for people, the appropriate service fee, on-site guidance, demonstration, explanation in teaching, can also design a feasible gardening scheme for customers, regular door-to-door service, at any time except disease.

target customers:

flower care services of course, those who love the flowers and grass protection of the family and planting flowers as a decorative units, enterprises, factories and mines and companies. In fact, in the flower care business, personal and family customers bring you only about 1/3 of revenue, the remaining 2/3 of the revenue will come from the unit user.

and his family even the very wealthy, the number of flowers is also very limited, and the agencies and enterprises is different, the number of them and open the pot planting flowers are quite impressive, is the small businesses that only dozens of people, the plant will also put a few potted flowers to decorate the environment. Therefore, the main object of flower care services to the unit as the main object, followed by individuals and families.

service price:

flower care services are mainly grafting pruning, fertilization, soil transfer and consultation. Such as customer requirements can be provided on time

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