Retailers need to be honest with their customers

how to deal with customers, how to deal with customer complaints, but this is a problem every shopkeeper needs to learn, and often have a great relationship with the store management. He has always been an old customer in our supermarket. Although he is not good at talking, but it gives people a sense of friendliness, so every time he came to buy cigarettes, buy food, I will smile at him. He was a real man, to buy things, never ask the price, not like some customers pick this pick that. However, when he came to buy goods that day, he was very unhappy, said to me: "yesterday, I bought the watermelon in your home, go back after all the open, which are bad!"

I’m surprised to hear him say that. In general, this is not a problem, I do not know what to say. But hesitated to say: "is it? Watermelon are new goods ah, should not be a problem!" He did not ask me to return, and then go inside to buy what they need. And I’m not going to say anything because I want to receive the other customers.

sent off a batch of customers, and I sat down to rest. Just now I was in front of my eyes, really like he said, I sold him a bad watermelon, now hot, it is possible. Besides, the old customers have been very friendly, can not be all right? Is it really my watermelon out of the question. I have been anxious to move immediately to a watermelon, cut with a knife to see, and indeed some bad, suddenly, my heart raised an apology.

ate dinner, I let my lover to see the shop, he chose a big round watermelon, gently knocked at the door of the old customer. He was surprised to see me. I put down the watermelon and explained, "big brother, I’m so sorry! Now the weather is hot, the new watermelon will be a problem, yesterday, the watermelon is really sorry, blame me for negligence, even if this is not to accompany you!" After listening to my words, the eldest brother was immediately moved.

he is very feel shy to say: "I told you used to have problems and no other meaning, you are not suspicious! I thought you were real, so that’s what I said!" I took her and said: "brother, I thank you! If you don’t remind me, I can’t find the watermelon problem until now. In the end, it will make more customers angry. It will affect my business……"

after this incident, the big brother still frequented my supermarket. In fact, in the sales process, it is likely that there will be unexpected problems, in the face of customer complaints and accusations, we must adjust the mentality. Can not hear the customer’s complaints, he was not happy. Regardless of their goods there is no problem, should accept, correct mistakes.


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