New projects to become rich collection

in the current fierce competition in the market, if the project is not new, it is very difficult to make a breakthrough on the market, in order to allow more investors to get useful information here, Xiaobian recommended several new rich project, hope to be able to help your business!

2006, only 24 years old Nick Kilsyros and Sean mickles founded "student millionaire" website. After the registration of this site, you can paste the problem on the site, and are willing to pay the price tag, and then wait for the experts to answer for you, or by the site is responsible for looking for a tutor. When the problem is solved, the student rich website to extract 18% of the transaction as a commission. Now, the average price of each tutorial on the site is $15, the annual revenue of the site is as high as several million dollars.

shops open breath

to publicize his home in Zhejiang city of Ling’an Province, pecan, Zhejiang and Anhui farmers city merchants who has recently been busy doing one thing: open shop. The most cattle to Ling’an tycoon Food Co., Ltd., they hired a large number of college students in the forest, in late September 2009 to more than and 20 days between October, out of the more than and 70 Taobao shops. Sales Department Manager Yang Lin said: "can you imagine, search Ling’an Pecan in Taobao, out of hundreds of sellers in more than and 70 is the tycoon, you think, we are likely to select low


"digital dressing" attracted more than 200 million venture capital

in the Chen Fuyun dressing shop, intelligent terminal two seconds after the completion of the customer body four thousand and eight hundred coordinates measurement, and synthesis of personalized clothing according to customer requirements. Before the order, through the width of six meters, three meters high clear imitation

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