2012 for 80 after the entrepreneurial projects which

2012 at the beginning, in the end what is the most suitable for the current 80 after the business, many people are wandering, now Xiaobian to provide you with some suggestions for reference only.

The following is the most suitable for the 2012

[2012 the most suitable 80 entrepreneurial projects of bay flower shop]

[2012 the most suitable 80 entrepreneurial projects of personalized T-shirt shop]


personalized is now very fashionable word. People are tired of wearing the same style, and love the Zhuo and not the group of personalized. To do this, you can make a personalized T-shirt shop, all the T-shirts are very special design patterns. These patterns, you can make it into a Chinese legend of the paper-cut patterns, can be made into Egyptian hieroglyphs, can be made into the design of the twelve constellations, and so on. In addition to the customer can buy the finished goods in the store, you can let them enjoy a more personalized service. For example, changing the design according to customer requirements color, print name or other text, also can let the customer or design photograph. Of course, the personalized T-shirt shop is a bit difficult, in the back of the shop, it is best to have your own production plant, and the pattern design and technical personnel is essential. Another point to be noted is that if the goods is too personalized, will lose the mass base, too, so your T-shirt to both market based mass, but also reflects the individuality, so talent shows itself in similar products, Business Flourishes.

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