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through the therapeutic approach to the treatment of dysmenorrhea, the effect is very obvious. For example, during menstruation drink some sugar water to blood stasis, Qi analgesic effect, to relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. In addition, often eat Angelica motherwort soup, ginger mutton porridge, longan red dates tea, can also play a role in relieving dysmenorrhea.

moxibustion is a common method for the treatment of dysmenorrhea, which belongs to the category of traditional Chinese medicine. A week before menstruation is generally recommended to start moxibustion on the lower abdomen, and seven consecutive days for a treatment cycle. Dysmenorrhea symptoms can be improved. In general, the use of this method two to three menstrual cycles, dysmenorrhea symptoms can be greatly improved.

is an effective method for the treatment of recurrent dysmenorrhea

3, hyperthermia

1, moxibustion

is the general thermotherapy with hot water bag or warm hot compress to the baby belly, can rise to alleviate the effect of dysmenorrhea. In addition, attention should be paid to the abdomen and feet warm, do not be cool, otherwise easy to aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

4, drug

drug treatment of dysmenorrhea, can use painkillers to relieve pain, can also be used to adjust the traditional Chinese medicine, the effect is relatively ideal.


above to introduce the effective method of four kinds of treatment often dysmenorrhea, not only has the advantages of simple operation, the treatment effect is also very good, therefore, as for the frequent symptoms of dysmenorrhea of female friends, may wish to choose these two kinds of methods to try, believe a long stick to these methods, can help you stay away from dysmenorrhea problem.

for female friends who often dysmenorrhoea, methods for treatment of dysmenorrhea is necessary, so that we can to alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea through these methods, to make themselves better through the menstrual period. So, what are the effective ways to treat dysmenorrhea? Next, this article will introduce four methods for the treatment of dysmenorrhea, are very effective.

2, diet

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