Entrepreneurs of the five golden fool law

would like to start a business of thousands of friends, but can be successful is that point, you can imagine him (her) how are they successful? To become the world’s richest man or billionaire have their own way of success, let us look at the billionaire’s five golden fool’s law!


she began to operate in accordance with the idea. However, when Anita used the loan to bend over backwards, the money will be all ready ready when the store opened, entrust a lawyer by two funeral against Anita, she either did not open, or get rid of the name, because her "beauty shop" the fancy name, is bound to affect the solemn atmosphere and the destruction of the funeral home the owner of the business.

helpless, she has a new idea. She made an anonymous telephone call to Blyton’s "evening news", said she knew a readers news: Mafia to operate the funeral is threatening a poor woman feeble – Anita Roddick. This woman, just want to open a beauty shop in the adventure of living. The husband went out.

"evening news" reported the news in a prominent position, a lot of good honest people to comfort Anita beauty shop. This made Anita solve the problem, and her beauty shop has not yet opened a reputation. Anita tasted the delicious taste of not spending money on advertising. In the days after her operation, until her beauty shop into a large multinational enterprise, she did not spend a penny in advertising.

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