College students entrepreneurship note

there are a lot of College Students’ entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship is not a new thing, but how to start, to see how you do, now Xiaobian tips you.


rote in the education system because of many things, but less research training, entrepreneurship leads to little after a thorough investigation of the market, a lot of people are to follow the trend of entrepreneurship, the risk is relatively large.

now the national policy on College Students’ entrepreneurship is a tilt, such as some tax policy and so on, but most students entrepreneurs do not understand, will pay some extra cost.


before the start should they want to set foot in the market to do some investigation, avoid copycat business.

must understand of entrepreneurship policy, make full use of the policy of giving convenience.

avoid alone, try to find some partners together entrepreneurs, can support each other, can also spread the investment risks.

for entering the field. Due to the newly graduated college students, the funds are generally limited, few people can have their own plant, it is more suitable to enter the distribution chain, buy low and sell high to get profit. On the other hand, college students can make use of the characteristics of keen thinking and avant garde to sell their own ideas, such as business planning, public relations companies, etc.. If you already have proficiency in a particular line such as DIY cake, table tennis, etc., can also open training courses using its own technology etc..

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