N reason _39 health network _ women do not wear a bra

actually, as the pursuit of fashion women, "wear" and "do not wear" bra is not important, it is important to maintain a healthy state of mind, with a pair of healthy and natural breast is the most important. Don’t need to hide the e girl with a There are plenty of people who, show natural to the carving of the natural scenery, the pace of their bold and confident.

in a number of major ceremonies or all kinds of movies, music festival, the actress and guests will choose not to wear bras. There is only one reason, because they chose a dress that was not suitable for wearing a bra. The dress design generally has two characteristics, one is lightweight fabrics such as silk and chiffon, a halter is a low V. Imagine in such a situation if you choose to wear a bra will be what kind of situation.

reason two: dedicated

once thought that underwear is a landscape for yourself and lover, but nowadays the e girl has put this scenery casually back to nature, from time to time there will be no bra girl passing, young, healthy, natural and unrestrained, relaxed, sexy, free, it is really a kind of unrestrained beautiful.

so many women in France to dinner, when they abandon the fundamental motion of underwear, it is not wearing a bra wearing a coat, tape in milk in the first, namely "sticker". Not only to maintain the shape of milk and elegant.

women in the United States have always been known for their fashion and openness, and they are highly motivated to allow their breasts to grow freely, rather than to restrict them with a bra. Because they think that the pursuit of curve blindly, trying to block up the chest, the consequences will lead to deformation of the chest, and also may be due to improper usage or bra material discomfort caused by mastitis, serious illness must also be surgery, pus out, make the female physical and mental harm.

e girl first, give up bra

here mainly refers to the model (gallery, articles), the model as a carrier to show the designer clothing, of course, to the greatest extent for the designer. If the designer works in the T table by Pei >

American women with free breast development

French women give up bra "sticker"

movie "the best" BRA said: BRA is a woman’s best man’s hand. So since the world can not have such a piece of underwear, do not wear it. If you feel the need to wear, so please (Cantonese "thank you"), thank you, THANKS, would you please give me a reason to wear a bra.

reason one: coat style is not suitable for

has been advocating the natural beauty of the French women to take the lead in the introduction of the trend of not wearing a bra, they do not think they have a comfortable feeling. And if the underwear line will affect the coat or vaguely see underwear, taste will be greatly reduced, such as from a sense of transparency in the clothing to see underwear, it is more indecent.

look at the reasons for not wearing a bra N

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