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in recent years, the incidence of breast disease is rising rapidly, the patient age is getting smaller and smaller. In order to nip in the bud, the female daily maintenance and inspection is very important. Patients in the event of inadvertent or self inspection found the following circumstances, should be timely to the hospital for early diagnosis, treatment.

1: breast pain, breast tenderness is often severe pain associated with inflammatory manifestations of breast, in acute mastitis and breast abscess. Such as breast pain, often associated with the menstrual cycle, usually more common in the simple and cystic hyperplasia of the breast.

2, nipple discharge during non lactating women, incidence of nipple discharge is pathological, is the most common cause of intraductal papilloma, followed by breast cystic hyperplasia and mammary duct ectasia, about 15% of patients with breast cancer, Shanghai True Love Women’s Hospital physician reminded to pay special attention to and associated with nipple discharge the breast mass. Some drugs can also cause bilateral nipple discharge, such as estrogen, contraceptives, etc..

3, breast mass: breast mass is the main symptom of breast tumor, breast mass is also seen in breast hyperplasia, breast tuberculosis.

4, breast gland localized thickening: touch the breast is found slightly thicker than the surrounding tissue, the boundaries are not clear, it is difficult to measure the exact size of the clinical diagnosis of multiple hyperplasia". This situation is not in amenorrhea especially women with menstrual cycle some size change is more physiological. But the thickening of tissue exist for a long time, and the menstrual cycle changes, or increasingly thickening and expanded, especially in postmenopausal women, should be paid more attention, because such lesions about 8% of the cancer.

(internship editor: Lin Fei)

breast cancer risk groups include: the age of menarche before the age of 12; the age of menopause after the age of 55; unmarried or married infertility; first before childbirth had repeated abortion; postpartum breastfeeding; breast benign tumor history; eat too much fatty food; a family history of breast cancer.

has a healthy plump breasts is the dream of every woman. In order to achieve the effect of beauty, many people do not hesitate to spend huge amounts of money to breast augmentation. At the same time looking for a beautiful appearance, female friends do not forget that health is the most important.

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