Miao Zhuang pot chicken to make money the whole

food temptation, very large, for the small business of the franchisee, the choice of business to join the gourmet market, business opportunities are very good. How about the pan Zhuang Miao chicken? A very delicious food. Of course, for small business franchise franchisee, Miao Zhuang pot chicken, is a very wise choice is an advantage!

"Miao Zhuang pot chicken" Miao Zhuang dining management limited company specializing in the farm flavor pot series of food and beverage brands. Since the establishment of the company, carry forward and spread Chinese traditional food culture has become the main purpose of Miao Zhuang, Miao Zhuang pot chicken is that it launched a long history of traditional food items. It appeared to lead the trend of catering to pot series, creating a new situation of pot catering, attracting consumers and sought after, is popular on both sides of the Changjiang River potential.

Cost analysis of chicken

Miao Zhuang pan joined:

1, join the cost: 30 thousand yuan, a one-time delivery, franchisees can enjoy the life of the franchise.

2, brand margin: 10 thousand yuan, both sides need to abide by the treaty within the validity period of the contract, after the expiration of all interest free refund.

3, brand management fee: 10 thousand yuan, after joining the payment can be obtained free upgrades, brand marketing promotions and other activities.

4, the rent fees: 50 square meters storefront rent to around 2500 yuan / month, the rent is 30 thousand yuan, in addition to water, liquidity facilities, electrical equipment procurement costs, estimated monthly expenditure of about 2000 yuan, annual expenditure is 24 thousand, the total cost of 54 thousand / two years.

5, personnel salaries: Entrepreneurial store is not large, the budget partner is not more than 2 people, plus at least 5 people, per capita salary of at least 2500 yuan / month.

in fact, we all know that the choice of food market to join the project, has been very hot, large market demand. An open their own Miao Zhuang pot chicken shop, the shop is made! Business to friends!

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