Changchun Airport started the summer air route

summer is coming, many cities in the airport flights will also be different, the Changchun airport will be what changes? Civil aviation 2017 summer and autumn season will be implemented from March 26th to the end of October 28th. It is understood that the Changchun airport and other aspects of the operation of the company and the route has increased and optimized.

new season, Changchun airport is expected to have 90 passenger airline routes 28, 57 navigable city regularly at home and abroad, a new Tibet airlines and Chongqing Airlines flight operations, new Xuzhou, Yinchuan, Taiyuan and Nagoya to reduce the recovery, Changzhou, Osaka. Is expected to perform 48857 sorties and passenger transport volume of 6 million 450 thousand passengers, an increase of 16.8% and respectively, an increase of 17.1%.

flight adjustment mainly for the new Changchun: China Southern Airlines – Nanjing – Zhuhai Route 7 classes per week; recovery Changchun – Nagoya Route 2 classes per week; the new subsidiary of Chongqing airlines, executive Changchun – Huaian – Changchun Route 4 classes per week. Tibet Airlines Changchun – Tianjin – Chengdu route, 7 classes per week.

Spring Airlines new Changchun – Guangzhou and Changchun – Ningbo route, 4 classes per week. Long air new Changchun – Xuzhou / Linyi – Kunming route, a total of 7 classes per week. Hainan airlines to retain Changchun – Beijing – Changbai Mountain route; continuous optimization of flights from Changchun to, the departure time were 11:35 and 13:00; April 9th is expected to implement Changchun – Shijiazhuang – Changsha route, 7 classes per week. Shandong Airlines is expected to resume in July Qingdao – Changchun – Hailar seasonal routes, 7 classes per week.

in Changchun airport, different airlines were adjusted accordingly, to win people’s attention. After adjustment, Changchun airport to domestic hub and key city daily flights were: Shanghai (class 16.5), Beijing (class 13), Shenzhen (class 10), Nanjing (class 9.5), Qingdao (class 8.5), Guangzhou (class 8.5), Hangzhou (class 7.5), Ji’nan (7 class), Kunming (Class 7) and Chengdu (7 class).

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