Pay close attention to the field of dangerous chemicals production safety work

production safety supervision and Management Bureau carry out the "three strengthening, three implementation measures, pay close attention to the area of hazardous chemicals production safety work, from September 26th to October 31st, on time, the power of the province within the scope of the hazardous chemicals production, management, storage and use of oil and gas enterprises and carry out hazardous chemicals safety inspection of pipeline enterprises, key grasp the hidden danger of governance, risk management and control measures to implement the link.

chemical (hazardous chemicals) further urge enterprises to further implement the main responsibility, improve the safety production level, the provincial production safety supervision bureau to strengthen the source of management of dangerous chemicals, the main responsibility for the implementation of safe production enterprises. Enterprise focus position, dangerous process and key links, to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment analysis, strengthen enterprise risk investigation and remediation, to ensure the safety of investment, strengthen safety training and on-site control, the implementation of the measures to pay close attention to production safety, strengthen safety in production. Further deepen the chemical (hazardous chemicals) in the field of safety warning education results, extensive development should be aware of the post training activities. Enhance the safety awareness, professional level and operational skills of front-line staff, improve the ability to find hidden dangers and solve hidden dangers.

strengthen special operations and contractor management, the implementation of chemical (hazardous chemicals) enterprises to ensure the safety of production ten provisions. Require enterprises to further standardize the operation and management of special licensing procedures, strengthen the safety management of contractors, establish a sound management system, strengthen the licensing control and process control, standard training, strict implementation of special rules for safe operation, strict implementation of risk analysis, confirm the safety conditions, efforts to reduce caused by special operations and contractor management accident, contain the larger over the accident. To urge enterprises to further improve and perfect the enterprise self correction mechanism, expert potential hazards mechanism and government law enforcement of security risks rectification of the three line "working mechanism, effectively enhance the essential safety level of hazardous chemicals and security.


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