City bear guest provoked life

In Xining, living in such a group, their income is not high, the cheapest rental houses, their sunrise and sunset, lug pole shuttle in the high streets and back lanes every day, but they sold walnuts, pomegranate, jujube and other fruits or some small toys, this group as "Dan ke".

summer, fresh walnut began selling in Xining, in the "walnut high streets and back lanes, pick up Dan Ke, Li Fengying from Gansu is one of them. More than and 20 days ago, she and two fellow came to Xining, a total of 3 people spent 200 yuan in Mafang rented a house to live, to shoulder the burden and start selling walnut pomegranate. "City Dan guest" is not an easy job, no fixed point of sale, Li Fengying every day carrying thirty or forty pounds of walnut walk tens of kilometers in the street, the evening back to the rental housing usually is around 22, lunch and dinner are eating their own with some pie. The second day early in the morning, Li Fengying also rushed to the wholesale market to buy walnut green husk from the wholesaler, and then use a knife and peel, wash up and get the market to sell. Walnut peel every day, because the burden of passenger hand was dyed green black, it is difficult to fade. Although it is very difficult, "Tam Tam" to sell walnut monthly income is less than 2000 yuan, while the most worried about her chased chased.

"because when the walnut listed, it is the slack season, at home idle is idle, it can make a little bit count." Li Fengying told reporters that her only two acres of land, crops can not earn much money, no way to make a living, after this moment, I can take a rest. Go back for a winter and come back next year.  

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