Qinghai banking industry to support the reconstruction of financial services forum held in Yushu

April 13th, the Qinghai banking regulatory bureau held the Qinghai banking industry to support the post disaster reconstruction and financial services forum in Yushu. The meeting summed up the exchange of achievements and experience of the financial services Yushu earthquake relief and reconstruction, analyzes the difficulties and problems of financial support in post disaster reconstruction, research and deployment to further improve the ideas and measures of financial support for Yushu’s reconstruction. The main person in charge of the banking institutions to participate in the discussion.
comrades that the banking institutions with a high sense of responsibility and mission, the unity of thinking to the Scientific Outlook on Development unified requirements up to the provincial government’s decision to deploy up the financial support of post disaster reconstruction as an urgent task to grasp: one is to enhance the opportunities and development of consciousness. To fulfill their social responsibilities and to seek their own long-term development combination, to realize their own in support of accelerated development of post disaster reconstruction; two is to fully implement financial support policies, increase credit to the reconstruction of Yushu investment. Based on the actual implementation of the rules and improve the operation, good policy docking. Strengthen communication with local government departments, the establishment of multi-level banking and banking docking mechanism. Take the initiative to go deep into the disaster area, accurately grasp the financial needs of the affected people and enterprises to resume production and operation, and enhance the planning, targeted and systematic support for post disaster reconstruction. Appropriate decentralization of approval authority, shorten the credit approval process to ensure that the credit funds into the early, early use, early results. Three is to increase financial product innovation efforts to further enhance the level of financial services. Vigorously promote micro credit loans to farmers and farmers guaranteed loans, and actively improve and perfect disaster loans, small loans to laid-off workers, the forest right mortgage loan, the reconstruction of rural housing loans and personal consumption loan is closely related with the improvement of people’s livelihood loan management, innovation, and effectively solve the farmers loan guarantees difficult problem. Four is to strengthen all kinds of risk prevention, disaster reconstruction to create a safe financial operation environment; the five is to increase the integrity of publicity and education efforts to create a good credit environment reconstruction.


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