Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs to carry out a wide range of households to help households

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in the city to carry out extensive households to help households, a help one help.

Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs to find out the twinning village collective economy, poverty status, poverty and other reasons, according to local conditions for the offices, Juzhu units and cadres and workers arranged to poverty alleviation units and object. At present, the global 9 offices and 9 community neighborhood committees and village committees formed a helping pair, 113 party members, cadres and workers and 60 poor farmer twinning. At the same time, highlighting the effectiveness of aid work, achieved by a single variety of items condolences to the poverty alleviation mode, from material to material culture poverty alleviation poverty combined with changes from the previous "blood transfusion" to the "blood type" changes in poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation. They actively provide development ideas, policies and regulations, labor export information and other services for poverty alleviation, focus on helping the poor households to learn and master of science and technology, on how to adjust the industrial structure, accelerate the increase efforts. Xining City Civil Affairs Bureau also put poverty alleviation work into the annual target management assessment unit, to implement dynamic management of the work of helping to receive good results.


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