To do a good job of food basket bags

Wang Guosheng with a deep concern about the lives of the masses of the Xining market, see the food prices to observe the public sentiment, he stressed the need to make people a happy and peaceful holiday

is approaching the end of the year, "two". December 30, 2016 afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng took on the life of the masses about the depth of Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center and Grand Plaza department store shop, see the food, ask the price, folklores, check the Xining holiday market supply, food prices and production safety work.

Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center is the largest province of agricultural and sideline products distribution base, from fresh fruits and vegetables to meat and fish, various agricultural and sideline products supply, transport vehicles shuttle, showing a Gouxiaoliangwang prosperity. Wang Guosheng walked into the aquatic products, fruit and vegetable trading area, and businesses have a cordial conversation, from Chinese cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, tomato and pepper to, he carefully; from the origin, channel, price, sales volume, prices rose to 11, he asked. Understand the rich variety of vegetables, adequate supply, price stability, Wang Guosheng said that the protection of supply, stabilize prices, is the common aspiration of the people. To strengthen the management of market prices, the implementation of the difficulties of the masses of the subsidies, continue to increase the price of vegetables, Cereals, Oils and beef and mutton put the amount of practical stability and people’s lives are closely related to the price of consumer goods.

wangguosheng is very concerned about during the festival of food quality and safety production work. In the inspection and quarantine center distribution center of agricultural and sideline products, Wang Guosheng inspected pesticide residue detection procedures, through the detection frequency, inspection items and records of the results of the sample, told the staff to strengthen market supervision and quality inspection, strengthen tracking, good quality and safety, to ensure that people buy and eat assured. He carefully check the fire facilities, special equipment operation and management, told the market responsible comrades, we must implement the responsibility to strengthen measures to ensure safety in production.

in the evening, the citizens in the festive atmosphere. Grand Plaza department store store crowded shelves, go to the vegetable, a superb collection of beautiful things, wangguosheng cooked food, grain and other stalls, on the packaging of goods and price, chat with the busy waiter, told the responsible person should actively carry out cooperation in marketing and marketing docking, to enrich and ensure market supply, truly production, shelf full, price stability, peace. Wang Guosheng cordial conversation with customers: "how about vegetables? How about the quality?" The masses answered a lot of varieties, the price can be accepted. Wang Guosheng happy new year!

wangguosheng stressed that the people’s livelihood, security market affected people. The relevant departments should be based on the life of the masses, from all aspects of production, distribution and sales, strengthen the management and service, follow the market changes, security of supply, stabilize prices, the "food basket", "grain bag" that effectively run, let the people live in peace of mind and comfort. To strengthen the crowded places of traffic, fire and other safety checks to ensure the safe operation of the holiday season, so that people have a happy and peaceful holiday.

Wang Xiao, Wang Yubo.


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