Xining fire officers and soldiers to carry out comprehensive training on the field of water rescue

Golmud reservoir flood disaster accident soon, recently, in the period of flood discharge may cause fire, Xining flood control and rescue team in higher headquarters arrangement, combined with the local climate and geographical environment in Golmud River Basin, to carry out water rescue training field.

20:20 on July 12th, Golmud city children’s Park artificial lake center island people trapped, the fire brigade Xining water rescue commandos used to throw the rope thrown to the island, 4 commandos ride motor lifeboat close quickly rescued people trapped. In July 13th, the rescue exercise by the park to carry out combat training in the training of hydrostatic export in Golmud City, west river rapids of the river, and set up different rescue scene, because the surrounding wind, the rope can not accurately cast to the target, the rescue team to the cold water in the bone near the target to implement linethrowing. One, two, and three times…… After many efforts, the rope finally successfully thrown to the trapped. When the rescue team slowly moved to the other side of the river, due to the rapid flow of water, the lifeboat was shaking very powerful, to rescue work has brought a certain degree of difficulty. After several efforts, the rescue team eventually rescued the trapped people to safety zone.

fire rescue personnel according to the different climatic conditions and complex environment, carry out continuous cast cast, climbing rope, diving salvage and use across the motor lifeboat water rescue simulation training, to ensure that in a variety of complex conditions, fast, safe and successful rescue of the trapped troops, greatly improving the comprehensive water rescue capability. At present, the Xining fire fighting flood rescue team has been ready to deal with flood relief during the disaster relief work.


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