Xining took the lead in the province to explore the trial of the case law system

Xining city in the province to explore the trial in the case of interpretation system, put forward for the first time issued a typical case in the case of interpretation system, media system, explaining system, editing system, interpretation to the case law system about interpretation to the case in the case of interpretation, to promote the city of Xining in the case of interpretation system, normalization and standardization.

, Xining building the rule of law to the city’s office issued the "on the establishment of implementation plan" in the case of interpretation system in the city, clear objectives and tasks, in the case of interpretation of the work of the main measures and the basic connotation, requirements of the courts, procuratorates and administrative law enforcement, judicial and administrative departments and lawyers association should strengthen the case interpretation of the implementation of the system, combined with the Department, strengthen the research of typical case analysis and collection use, publish, through a typical case of the trial live, open media case shows, grassroots case and other forms, for the public to carry out propaganda live case vivid, comprehensive expand to the whole process of legislation, the law, law enforcement and judicial interpretation to the case, give full play to the typical case specification, guidance, evaluation and guidance function, promote the national consciousness of law Respect the law and use the law, establish the rule of law belief, cultivate awareness of the rule of law, safeguard the authority of law, and further promote the rule of law in Xining.


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