Xining plans to build 4819 sets of public rental

April 15th, reporters from Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, 2013, Xining city plans to build 4819 units of public rental housing, 241 thousand square meters, plans to invest 684 million yuan, 256 million yuan of subsidies to the country and the province plans to invest 185 million yuan this year. Public rental housing pilot and specific implementation details for the introduction of this year.

this year, the Xining public rental housing will be implemented in four ways, one is in the new land centralized construction, mainly is the Qaidam road and broadcasting Jiayuan new land concentrated industrial park construction; two is the implementation of the organization, with the "bottom-up, on-demand declaration", in policy and funding as support, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the enterprises in the park and the park, to participate in the construction of affordable housing; three is to improve the education environment as the basis, to actively support the construction of college student apartments. Through the investigation in accordance with the relevant policies, Qinghai province and Qinghai province Career Technical College Career Technical College police officer 870 sets of student apartments, included in this year’s public rental housing construction plan; four is based on the county of affordable housing demand, a reasonable allocation of tasks, the implementation by the district organization. (author: Li Yanfang)

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