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the initial breastfeeding, mother and baby with the not very good, often there will be such or that breast problems. We tell you the most common problems, prevention and rapid mitigation methods to help you smooth lactation.

after feeding, rubbed on the nipple nipple cream (do not use Vaseline), do not let the nipple directly exposed to the air, and can prevent clothing friction.

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2 milk too little

the initial amount of milk secretion may not be many, do not worry. Generally speaking, if the feeding method is correct, the amount of milk will be greatly improved within 24 hours after delivery.

frequent breastfeeding. This can enhance the ability of breast stimulation, to prevent the occurrence of nipple. For newborns, the interval between 0.5 and 3 hours is normal. Do not worry about breast-feeding too often, the baby is growing rapidly, the need for energy.

new mothers often encounter some trouble at the beginning of the process of breastfeeding, as long as you do it properly, it will not affect the normal lactation.

spreads the wool oil (purchased at the drugstore), which also has a protective effect on the breast and helps heal the wound as quickly as possible.

use the correct breastfeeding posture. The baby should be the nipple and areola are contained in the mouth. If the baby just hold the nipple, easy to chapped nipple.

lactation process, every 5 to 10 minutes on the other side of the exchange of the breast, so that the baby alternately turns to eat, so that each side of the breasts are fully functioning, and will not be too tired.

don’t feed the baby too much. Because the baby may be in the next lactation will eat very little impact on milk secretion.

you can prevent this:

can touch the baby. Emotional stimulation contributes to the secretion of milk.

in the first 14 days before feeding, the nipple is very sensitive, will feel a slight burning sensation, and sometimes the nipple will rupture and produce wounds.

don’t let the baby bottle. Do not give your baby a pacifier or bottle, this may make the baby to develop incorrect feeding method.

you can also do this:

with a nipple on the side of the breast to feed the baby, so that the injured nipple can be alleviated.

you can also do this:

1 nipple pain

eliminate tension. The tension is the enemy of milk. Breastfeeding is the mother and baby to adapt to each other, the need for a run in time, even if not smooth is normal.

in the nipple after lactation naturally dry, and do not wipe the remaining milk and saliva, because milk can be formed after the formation of a thin layer of protective film to promote wound healing.

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