Air conditioning ten brands list

talk about air conditioning, and now many people will naturally not unfamiliar, and at the moment may be a lot of people sitting in the air-conditioned room to enjoy the comfortable life of this technology products. The air conditioner market because people’s needs have also been the birth of a lot of brands, below, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of air conditioning.

hot summer, often enjoy the cool under the air conditioning, you can not help but sigh, air conditioning to make life better"! Thus, the purchase of an air conditioner has become the choice of many small partners. For those air conditioning blind small partners, looking forward to enjoy the cool at the same time, is also facing a huge difficult to buy. So as a "old Bacon" — 80, I loved the life carefully for the air conditioning buddies provide an important information. An authoritative list of the top ten air conditioning, air conditioning can definitely choose to buy at a glance!

air conditioning ten brands list NO.1, GREE air conditioning – do air conditioning earlier brand

GREE air conditioning since its inception in 1991, they gradually embarked on a set of R & D, production and sales of air conditioning service road. As a professional to do air conditioning origin of GREE, to create a good brand image, and constantly accumulate market and brand awareness, sales are ranked in the top of the country. Because it is conditioned origin, so all aspects of GREE’s technology is also good, but because it is state-owned enterprises, so in the rapid development of today, the response to a certain degree of restriction. And in recent years, GREE has done other products, such as mobile phones, etc.. Do not know whether the development of diversification in the future impact of GREE air conditioning R & D and investment? Here’s a big question mark.

ten inverter air conditioning air conditioning brand ranking, NO.2 beauty choice

Midea air conditioning is very popular in recent years by the consumer brand, especially in recent years, the "one night electricity" series, is widely praised by consumers. The United States Air Conditioning inverter technology represents the most advanced frequency conversion technology. Optimization and innovation of the quality of air conditioning temperature deviation, judge the wind feeling, temperature fluctuation, temperature uniformity, cooling rate, heating rate, relative humidity, noise, energy saving and environmental protection and many other properties, the beauty of the air-conditioning in the fierce market competition, still get a lot of privilege. The United States of silence, refrigeration, comfort, energy saving, life and many other aspects also represent the forefront of the air-conditioning industry technology.

air conditioning ten brands list NO.3, Haier air conditioning – refrigeration, service security

as everyone knows, Haier started its professional refrigerator, refrigeration technology is a special skills. Therefore, as the world’s top 500 enterprises in the air conditioner market can also be described as the leading edge of refrigeration technology. Course >

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