Pay close attention to the construction and management of Xining school education work made new brea

reporter learned from Xining City Board of education, as of now, Xining City preschool education admission rate reached 96%, the rate of school-age children and junior high school enrollment rate reached 100%, the dropout rate is controlled within 1.5%, high school enrollment rate reached 80.1%, the enrollment rate of school-age children with disabilities for 89.8% young adults, the literacy rate reached 99.8%.

in recent years, Xining city continue to promote education reform and innovation, pay close attention to the school construction and management, improve the quality of teaching, the reform has made new breakthroughs, the work presents a new bright spot, education and teaching management to improve; to further improve the school management measures for students, turn back, Hugh, borrow, make specific requirements. Specification of school management and school choice behavior; earnestly implement the rural compulsory education funds safeguard mechanism; strengthen the "two basics" to consolidate and improve the work; push forward the adjustment of school layout, occupation education development, teachers team construction, the construction of campus culture and teaching and research work has been strengthened, Xining City Education in a standard and orderly to achieve new development. (author: he arrow)


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