80 million loans help spring

In April 8th, the reporter learned from Huangyuan County, Huangyuan County Rural credit cooperatives will be issued 80 million yuan loans spring plowing, ensure farmer spring agricultural production smoothly.

reporter in Huangyuan County Temple Village loan see Wutu Zhai Xiang, Huangyuan County Rural credit cooperative union workers for the villagers to apply for business loans.

Huangyuan County Rural credit cooperative union chairman Liu Zhengfeng said, in order to meet the needs of farmers and herdsmen’s spring production this year, they plan to invest 80 million yuan in loans, support farmers engaged in agricultural production and animal husbandry etc.. Up to now, 13 villages have been issued to farmers in the loan of $24 million, the amount of loans increased by 20% over last year’s $2200. (author: Zhao Junjie)


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