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these are the benefits of a small chest of women, small chest mm after reading is not more confidence in yourself? In fact, you have a lot of advantages.

survey results show that the breast chest small chest as sensitive, because the full breast adipose tissue than sensitive glandular tissue, due to the small chest not too fat, so small chest glands are more susceptible to stimulation in touch, although the breasts can feel the same feelings, but need to touch greater strength, when you he held your small chest, you will feel more love. In addition, the weight of the small chest, so a lot of sports can be able to cope with small breasts.


3, small chest more healthy

2, small chest will make you younger and longer

‘s full breasts can attract male attention, but the reason is not what you think. Long, long ago, during the time of the cave men, men sought a way to determine the age of a woman. The doctor of economics at the London School of economics says men are judged by the age of the woman as the breast, and the woman’s breasts sag over time, which is the biggest sign of a woman’s age. It is difficult for a woman with a small chest to judge her actual age, and their breasts will not be affected by gravity, they will always be strong.

and 3 breast bed

people think that breasts than a small chest of women more attractive to women, small chest will be regarded as a healthy performance, and even a lot of small breasted women feel inferior, constantly looking for breast enhancement method. Today, editors want to subvert the traditional idea, I would like to tell you that the woman is a small chest of those benefits are not full of breasts.

due to the small chest outer layer is very thin, so in self, the chest bump is very easy to find, in addition to the benefits of small chest of a woman and the neck is good, breasts will bring pressure to the body, easy to change women’s posture, will make the neck long-term in a state of tension, will increase the risk of headache may.

1, a woman will feel more happy small chest

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