Xining local tax department to regulate the tax collection and management activities to achieve resu

in order to further consolidate the foundation for the collection, from the beginning of June, Xining city tax department in 4 months of the city’s service industry and entertainment industry to carry out clean up and standardize the tax collection activities, has achieved results.

Xining Local Taxation Bureau Director Jiang Wuqing:

(out of the record) from the management of our tax services and entertainment industry, these two industries, in our day-to-day management of the existence of a relatively large degree of management, the tax standard is not uniform." (recording only)

it is understood that, at present, a total of Xining City, the service industry and entertainment industry tax more than 4 thousand and 500 households, tax revenue accounted for 10% of the total annual income tax. This was carried out in the city within the scope of the specification for cleaning services, tax collection and management work in the entertainment industry is the "tax law enforcement has become increasingly standardized, significantly improve the quality of tax collection, tax revenue steady growth, significant improvement in the quality of services, continue to strengthen the work responsibility" as the goal, take "the responsibility, quality, efficiency, service, standardize and consolidate" concept. Constantly updated management concept, in-depth analysis to find problems in tax source management, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of management, explore new ideas and methods to solve the problems. Jiang Wuqing:

(a recording) "this year our focus in service industry and entertainment industry in the collection of a standardized examination, to two to three years based on the work of the city administration to further strengthen tax collection activities to maximize the unified, standardized and improved." (recording only)

The key to clean up and regulate the tax collection and management work to carry out

the Xining city tax department in the catering, accommodation, bathing, beauty salons, photographic service industries, dance halls, nightclubs, bars, tea in the entertainment industry, including the examination and rectification of household management, registration management, daily management and standardized management and tax invoice the implementation of preferential policies, tax management, through the mobilization of propaganda, self correction, focus on examination and evaluation of incentive four step by step Zou to find loopholes in the tax administration, tax, household management blind spots on the master, within the jurisdiction of each street market, a dragnet clean-up, to clear objectives responsibility, clear and definite task, the responsibility to the people, the task to the people, assessment to the people, improve the responsibility system, to find out the problem, pay close attention to the analysis Research, the implementation of the rectification responsibility for the rectification of the problem with immediate rectification, the problem is not allowed to grasp, timely report and after the coordination, the overall improvement of the upper and lower linkage.

(a recording) "has entered the self-examination and rectification stage, focus on examination of September to enter the Council, through the inspection and self-examination stage, we carried out a whole evaluation and reward." (recording only)

as of July 20th, the Xining local taxation department to check the service industry, entertainment tax households one thousand four hundred and fifty-two;

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