Xining four District learn Lei Feng to create a city

North: red scarf love relay

March 5th, in the volunteer relay, love pass series of activities, the children of Xining City North District took the relay baton, to practice the spirit of Lei Feng.

North District schools around the new period to Lei Feng, "what to learn" how to learn Lei Feng "topic, the students held a heated discussion and lectures, and to participate in the study and help clear psoriasis and other activities.

in the mountains and rivers school, red scarf love fund start. The launching ceremony, the students come up with their new year’s money, pocket money, donated to the charity fund. Love fund will be dedicated to the students in the school to help poor students learn better, live. "To learn from Comrade Lei Feng ‘is not just a slogan, we have to let the children to help others as a habit, into the daily life, from the little things, from now on." President Hu said. (author: Peng Na)

East: everyone is striving to be

living Lei Feng

in March 5th, in the East District of Xining City, the first stop in the activities of learning Lei Feng placed in the children of migrant workers more evergreen primary school. During the break, the school’s colorful cabin, more than a dozen volunteers are accompanied by more than and 30 children playing the game of throwing handkerchief. Soon, the first being volunteers to participate in the activities of the party secretary of the East Xue Jianhua and those other volunteers with gifts to visit the children.

day, east district still Huang light, North Street, Ledu Road, East cross door slightly and other places, to carry out centralized persuasion, compulsory haircuts, physical examination, legal aid, information consulting and other activities of civilized traffic. According to the city party secretary Xue Jianhua introduced, in the process of establishing national civilized city, East District will better carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, the formation of the area volunteer team, often helping to carry out activities, let area residents feel and actively participate in the interaction, make the living Lei feng. (author: Zhou Jianping)

central: learning Lei Feng activities normalization

March 5th, the city of Xining in the city to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, optimize the development environment, to create a civilized circle theme activities in the provincial capital center square curtain.

on the same day, the city authorities, community groups hundreds of volunteers two pronged, all the way to the Nanchuan Road, dragon road rubbish dead; routing another professional skills strong volunteer service team for Nanchuan Road No. 55 residents in the home repair water pipes, electric cooker, electric lights, received praise from residents.

from March, the city of Lei Feng will enter the normalization of activities. During March, Chengzhong district will organize volunteers to the community, rural areas, nursing homes, schools and other places, to carry out rescue training, etiquette knowledge popularization, psychological counseling, emergency assistance, health care, legal aid, environmental protection, community prevention and other forms of voluntary service activities. (author: Wu Yachun)

West: 5 days per month are Lei Feng day

March 5th morning 1;

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