How to carry out business district evaluation

shop will always face a variety of problems, the first problem is to solve the problem. Some people want to open restaurants, choose a good location, in order to attract the attention of customers, thereby creating more wealth. Restaurant operators how to evaluate business district? Here we go along to see it.

a, business district to determine

can be estimated by district survey, food store locations, likely households and consumption levels, floating population turnover, trading range; through the on-site assessment, shop convenient location, the route and traffic, vehicle route and flow, proximity, visual effects, the judgment of the whether for the catering shop, so that it will not be because of blindly hastily set up shop, The loss outweighs the gain.

The significance and importance of

shopping area, which means that the location of the restaurant store located in the transaction can be the scope of the scale. For example, the foot of the district may be 300 square meters of shops, towns and villages may be a radius of 1000 meters (inconvenient, lack of competition and other factors), depending on the specific situation. Therefore, the choice of business map must be careful, and to investigate clearly, can create a self survival space.

in general, covering a larger circle said more, but in fact, there are some competing stores around pre opened restaurant shop, business performance will be carved up by competitors, so evaluation on consumption is not immutable and frozen, in fact, is full of variables, the assessment must be exhaustive. Running a successful food store, it needs many conditions, but the quality of the successful operation circle of influence, it is the key, because the location directly affects the food store operation success rate reached 60%. So how to choose a good circle of catering store on business development, has a great influence.

two, the category

changes in the value of the business, always affects the performance of the development, so in the opening of the restaurant shop, the setting of the business district is very important.

1. business district set classification

values can be roughly divided into two types.

(1) on foot shopping district. Foot based shopping district, such as commercial areas, residential areas, to shop as the center, the radius of about 300 meters, in order to get and fast and convenient. (2) the vehicle line as the main business district, for example, near the intersection and suburban trunk roads, this is mostly set in the suburb or spot route, convenient parking space and good visual effect.

2. area to area size

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