When the breast into the shape of 8 7 unknown facts _39 _ female health network

1 breasts are getting bigger. A British survey found that large lingerie retailer recently completed, in just 20 years, the United States women’s underwear size increasing, the equivalent circumference increased by 3 inches (about 7.62 cm). Weight gain and breast augmentation are two main causes of bra size change.

4 most of the two breasts are not the same. American female reporter fuluolunsi? Williams in his new book, "the disclosure of breast: a natural and unnatural history", usually one breast than the other side of the breast 1/5 cup, nipple color, or even slightly different.

the latest issue of the United States, "women’s health" magazine published a list of seven facts of the breast unknown.

2 70% women are not satisfied with breast. "A new study published in the International Journal of health" found that 70% of women are not satisfied with their own breast, they want their breast can be more forceful, more prominent cleavage. On the contrary, most men find their loved ones "beautiful."".

6 touching breasts can make women orgasm. The study found that 82% of women said, stroking the breast and other stimuli to help stimulate sexual desire. At the same time, there are still some people say that the stimulation of the breast allows them to orgasm when the thrill.

5 breast augmentation surgery ranked first. According to the American Society of plastic surgeons, breast augmentation surgery topped the list of cosmetic surgery in 2012. Although breast surgery in the United States in 2012 than in 2011 to reduce 7%, but there are still more than 286 thousand people performed breast augmentation surgery.

3 running breast trajectory into a "8" shape. Women’s movement, the breast will move with the body, the movement of the track as "8" word, the activity can reach up to 8 inches (about 20.3 cm). Breast pain during exercise is very common, a British study found that 1/3 runners feel pain during exercise. Experts said that the women’s movement is best fitted to hold the sports bra breast.

7 bra history is not long. American woman Marie – Jacob in 1914 for the first time to get the "back – back Bra" patent and began to sew bra. But in 20s, the United States of New York and her husband William Ada? Sensha Luo Luo? Sensha design is now the standard bra bra.

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