The festival of Chongqing recruitment market

years later, most people are concerned about the recruitment market in Chongqing changes in the market for what kind of talent needs more? For this problem, Chongqing Bo Bo talent market made a detailed analysis, I hope to be able to bring you more help to find a job, so that people find the right job.

, according to the relevant person in charge of the talent market, from the beginning of the year has opened several job fairs, compared to last year, returning talent showed a slight upward trend in order to better meet this part of the group.

the recruitment will be designed for returning talent to provide 4000 jobs, operators, technicians, machine assembly, quality inspector, planning commissioner, designers general mechanic jobs, after the positive comprehensive monthly salary generally at 3500 yuan to 5000 yuan; and production manager, workshop director, sales director, regional manager, etc. the management of their enterprises, provide monthly salary mostly in 4000 yuan to 8000 yuan.

through the analysis of the text, it is easy to find after the Spring Festival in Chongqing recruitment market for technology, operators demand more brisk, generally used for people to experience can be successfully entered the post, so many people can find a job, but also to pay in the enterprise also pointed out.

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