Behind the top venture investment SG geeks college logic

recently, international top VCs SIG and bluerun $22 million investment IT online education platform geeks College occupation. Before the noodles, starting it, after college geeks favored, had to IT occupation in the field of online education thought.

geeks College as a leader in the domestic IT online education occupation, nature is entered into the relevant investment agency. While the two sides contributed to the financing is a financing industry inside the larger and most valuable financing events, is a win-win situation.

From the

market, IT online occupation education has been the product of the charges in the teeth of the storm, the platform is a little into the model; from an investment perspective, investors are endowed with remarkable foresight of; from the platform, access to the market and investment approval, and wait for the development and expansion of the fund is to the satisfaction of all.

was in the outsiders, geeks College Financing just crazy online education a normal financing, but why Jia Lang that much of the incident, behind what happened? What is the college geeks Worth International top VCs SIG heart of the place? Four investment logic behind the nets to analyze the pile "major".

strong vertical domain plasticity

Look at the

geeks college history, that is an early 2014 officially launched the project, is a breakthrough in one fell swoop is regarded as the most likely to enter the field of online education occupation. The fact that not surprisingly, after months of development, college geeks showed the development curve of a nonlinear map. It is a focus on the IT occupation in the field of online education platform, the field of entrepreneurship is Jia Lang has been with the majority of online education entrepreneurs mentioned: vertical is full of opportunities, but also full of many unknown things, more important is most likely to survive the field of capital.

and college geeks is a platform for mobile developers, for a large number of mobile developers, is undoubtedly the most simple way to learn useful technology. For the overtime when people want to eat IT, in accordance with their own ideas, enhance their technical ability is very difficult, is a alternative training class line, two of online learning, but it is often difficult to achieve, the latter had a lack of professional online platform.

in the United States has a famous online education website: Lynda, it was founded 17 years, has only 1 million users, A round of financing amounted to $one hundred million. According to public data: geeks College from 0 to 120 thousand user growth only about half of the time. At present the data in the IT occupation of online education industry ranked first, and is still growing at a rate several times a month. And from the age of the registered members of the analysis, the minimum age of high school students. Jia Lang learned these data, can not help but say: God, this is terrible…

strong team as well as adhering to premium content

as everyone knows, geeks college is a pay school.

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