Good use of waste moisture

spring has come, summer is not far away, for hotel owners, now need to do the job very much, which is an important task of proof. After all, with the arrival of another hot summer, the temperature and humidity in the store rose significantly. In order to save resources, reduce costs, I take the way to use waste moisture dehumidification.

in the three season of spring, autumn and winter, I put the damp proof bag of bulk snow cake in a thick plastic bag. In the summer, I put on the counter, scattered cigarette box and the food easy to damp the corner of moisture-proof bag, with moisture-proof desiccant. I will take a few pieces of lime in the warehouse, and often change, so as to find the goods timely treatment.

tea and waste newspapers can also be used for dehumidification. I often take home expired tea with rice paper or paper wrapped into packets, placed in the smoke cabinet, food cabinet corner, which can not only remove taste moistureproof dehumidification. My shop is wooden floor. I used to lay waste paper on the floor to absorb moisture from the floor. I will put in order to moistureproof dehumidification, newspapers use plastic bags, shop in the store cupboard in the cigarette inventory. This can not only absorb moisture, but also can use newspaper ink taste insecticide, very effective.

in addition, you can also use the cheap moistureproof dehumidification baking soda, it can not only absorb moisture, dry after can also be used as a cleaning agent, washing brush hand wash basin, oil stain and mildew, the effect is quite good. The coffee grounds, coffee powder placed in clean with old socks, put in the smoke cabinets, counters and other food in a narrow space, it becomes a simple desiccant bag.

washing powder is good with desiccant, can stick the plastic film in the box of washing powder, and then tie a few holes, or washing powder will be packaged into the box, put in the corner you can need to dehumidify. Moisture absorption after the washing powder can also be used to clean clothes, do not waste.

from a certain point of view, this is indeed a waste, however, if we change an angle, this may be a treasure. Therefore, we can not understand any kind of goods from a single point of view. In short, you can turn waste into treasure, ingenious materials, scientific proof, reduce expenses.

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