Six new trends in Entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun

Beijing, Zhongguancun, more than ten years has been a holy place in the minds of Chinese technology entrepreneurs. With the development of the times, the current venture in Zhongguancun presents a lot of new trends, mapping the mainstream of China’s science and technology entrepreneurship.

from all over the world dream of talented people in Zhongguancun thought the collision sparks, display technology, product innovation, roadshow venture, partners and angel investors experienced resources, Zhongguancun Venture Street has become the spiritual home of entrepreneurs. In recent years, Zhongguancun entrepreneurship presents six new trends.

2009 in March the State Council approved the construction of Zhongguancun demonstration zone, the first in September 2009 for innovation works innovative incubator was established in April 2011, located in Haidian garage coffee book city, opened the prelude to a new round of innovation entrepreneurship, the city transformation of Zhongguancun venture street. Currently, Zhongguancun Venture Street has gathered 26 different characteristics, different models of entrepreneurial services.

The internal business of large enterprises has become the inevitable choice of

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