What should young entrepreneurs do

young people often thought more advanced, to keep up with the times, and then a momentum, so it is always the main independent venture, but they also have a common defect, is too impulsive, so to the success of entrepreneurship, they should do some thinking, then what should I do think?

Careful thinking, repeated assessment, mature


Third, what is the core resources of success? I have the conditions: enough capital? Experience? Customer resources? Technology innovation? Business capabilities? Compared to competitors have obvious advantages of


Fourth, if there is enough patience and endurance of the pioneering period of consumption, estimated by the long time through the bottleneck stage, they have long time of preparation.

fifth, what is the biggest risk venture, what is the worst result, whether I can bear? Don’t just think of a optimistic, there must be fully prepared, the risk of otherwise, touched the reality and imagination are not the same, it will cause the letter shake.


if these problems, your mind has a clear answer, even if you are not able to let you succeed, at least you have a goal, with a mind of their own dreams, so definitely have more advantages than blindly entrepreneurship!

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