College students Yin Qing entrepreneurial development game 6 people create over one million income

entrepreneurship in the current environment is not unusual, but because of this entrepreneurial environment, leading to entrepreneurial success is not easy. But the hero can be obtained with young entrepreneurial success, but also create a huge wealth of income, this is the Yin and his buddies entrepreneurial deeds.

is one of only 6 employees of small and micro company, all the members eat and live and work are all crowded in a small three bedroom house, can only set up half the time, on a monthly income of more than 1 million yuan of outstanding performance. This is happening in the Department of mathematics, East China University of Science and Technology graduates Yin Qing entrepreneurial story, but also an entrepreneurial myth.

is the start of Yin Yin brother to give him 150 thousand yuan, registered companies, the purchase of Apple computers, servers, etc., round down, almost no money left. At first it was hard, "we don’t get paid." Yin Qing said, at this time, they came to dinner in Jiangsu Lianyungang home parents, meals are often lose his parents.

Yin Qing said: I am very clear that a lot of the night of red game companies tend to flash in the pan. I was born in mathematics, pay more attention to the analysis of the data, and so we have a certain amount of time, will conduct in-depth analysis of user behavior, and accordingly do new product development." Right now, he is trying to attract more partners, the product hit the market in Japan, Korea, Europe and the United states.

united to create a "cornucopia"

at the beginning of this year, many people open the apple on the mobile phone AppStore, called a "fantasy Wizard" mobile phone network game makes people’s eyes, "in this magical world, the survival of a variety of elves, some of them are gentle, and human solidarity…… You will become a young trainer, manage your elf manor. Who will be the true master of the wizard." 3D image, intellectual competition, immediately attracted players sought after. This is the Yin Qing group to create a "cornucopia", for a monthly income of over 1 million yuan, Yin Qing is not satisfied, he said, this year to achieve a monthly income of over ten million yuan.

2009 years, Yin Qing after graduation in two foreign online game companies to work, do server development. Soon, he had the idea of starting a business. He was inspired by the popular mobile phone network in 2011, fishing Daren, the game on the line after three months of revenue of $5 million, in the AppStore of the country’s 33 mobile phone game downloads ranked first. "Why don’t you have your own fishing talent?" Inspired Yin Qing to find 5 like-minded companions. In September 2011, a company called "touch" the company officially opened.


Shanghai when backing

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