No business venture capital funds to solve the problem

venture capital is an important factor in the process of entrepreneurship is a key factor in the success of entrepreneurship, then, how to solve the financing problem in the process of entrepreneurship? The following small series for you to borrow money to solve the problem of venture capital good way!

however, for those who do not have much venture capital people (university graduates and staff members), entrepreneurship is not an easy thing. The first barrier they face is the question of money. Is the so-called "one can’t make bricks without straw", how to raise the first venture funds, we have different rhetoric.

by chicken eggs.

by borrow money from his friends and relatives to borrow money.

these two ideas, from the perspective of feasibility, have no ground for blame. But the experience with their years of battles in the marketplace that do business people tend to be with other people’s money to do business. And dare to do, others are good at borrowing money to start their own business is often easier to get started with their own money entrepreneurs. It seems that the move reflects the entrepreneurial behavior of different attitudes (ideas, efficiency, determination, etc.).

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