Spend thousands of bones involved in the original copy of the nternet users come up with a comparis

TV drama "spend thousands of bone" is the most recent period since the hit TV series, it is a remake of the novel "Romance of the Xian Xia network spend thousands of bones", this is a lot of people welcome and love.

"spend thousands of bone" original novel was questioned Plagiarism: "the word similarity" or "infringement of intellectual property

In the discussion of "

"now so many online novels, the idea of a similar place is normal ah. If this is plagiarism, the majority of high school students to write the composition of a few original." Netizen "love a fly rod" clear road.

users have expressed different views, "this kind of thing in itself is just the story, first of all to all of their own, plagiarism is shameful, because it was not in her own world, nor is their story." Netizen "Ling Hoon" said.

as a draft, the reporter failed to contact the "Fresh fruit" to respond to the matter.

insiders such as plagiarism: key plot   the amount of compensation will be greatly recommended follow-up

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