Helping others can improve store popularity

is now a lot of shopkeepers in order to make the store’s popularity is higher, but took a lot of strategies, but the effect is not necessarily ideal. In fact, with the progress of the society, people’s consumption concept and consumption patterns have a surprising change. Especially in the Internet era, stay at home you can buy the goods they need, to adapt to the new era of fast-paced lifestyle, convenient for many young people, so online shopping has gradually become the mainstream consumer.

I operate a cigarette retail retail terminal function standard store, located in Jiangsu, Suining, a large area of the south. Every day to see a lot of courier companies to deliver to the community, and sometimes the customer is not at home, or are working, anxious couriers round and round, busy telephone contact. I see in the eyes, anxious heart, so take the initiative to strike up a conversation, a cigarette or a bottle of mineral water, then bluntly said: "if you give your customers contact you, tell whether he can put his goods temporary check my store? The residents in the district basically know me."

said, I handed my business card. The courier is seriously looking at my name card, and then to the shop name I carefully checked again, smiled and said: "OK, I have to seek the views of customers." A customer is my store, erhuamoyue let me instead of him a sign for the goods, the two sides also gratefully said "thank you".

in this way, for a long time, the residents of the district are aware of my store has become a temporary courier storage point. As long as someone is not easy to sign for the goods, basically I replace them sign. This move is not only convenient for the courier company, but also to facilitate the consumers, they will no longer be concerned about their own or no time to sign. In fact, more let me Anxi is, since the store became a courier company temporary storage point, and my business is imperceptibly better, when they come to collect the often take home to buy daily necessities.


is in the area near the shop, in fact it can provide a convenient services such as community residents, residents affected by the benefit, nature is grateful again when shopping tend to consider this shop. With the convenience of their own convenience." This is a purpose of my store. That is because I am helping others, also make the shop to gather popularity, add wealth.

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