Deep analysis of the causes of entrepreneurial failure

in this world, there are people doing a new business every day, there are people who truly reflect their own values every day, to achieve career success, but at the same time, some people continue to face all kinds of failure, your success may represent about his failure, then the failure in the end what is the reason, let Xiaobian to explain you.

– they burn rate is too high. They tried to run out of cash but business with a small capital. – they can’t scale. – they lack focus. – conflicts between CO founders. – no barriers to competition.

There are many reasons why

in Silicon Valley I have spent a few years, I have seen a lot of efforts are still in advanced technology and two venture capital venture company for many years, but continues to decline, this is the one or two failure mode factors because of the bad advice, and the cause of the above mentioned strategies.

out financing sooner rather than later. To get angel investment or venture capital is the best way I know to get smart, experienced people to join your company. This is the best way to make up for your weaknesses and make you think about things you haven’t thought of before. If you get financing, then it is also related to their own interests. It’s good for them to help you.

> find an angel

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