How to deal with love bargain buyers

in a lot of time, your price already dropped very low, but many people are born of love if not counter-offer, counter-offer, will not buy items that, if you open a shop, encountered such a bargain buyers, how will you deal with it?

I said store is to provide a mask of gifts, she asked what the mask, eye mask can provide gifts, I said no eye mask, in fact, this mask value will be much more expensive than the eye mask, she is not satisfied even ask can then discount Mody, the most irritating is that ask again, I don’t want to cheap just for fun……


1, to maintain their own principles, and sometimes can not cut the price will not drop a penny, if there is room for price cuts, as long as the buyer asked, will give the price! 2, as long as I do not lose money to sell, if you can earn less better!

3, master pointing: I have been in the store prominently marked: knife price please be lenient, baby description also again, sincere attitude, believe that good or a lot of buyers.

you in daily business process, also encountered such a problem, whether because of such problems and troubles, after reading this article, you have found a good way to business?

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