nnovation rich story map also can sell scarves earning one hundred thousand


map looks like two scarves and food no contact, but was a 80 girls see the association, to create a new full silk map, and sell, create an exclusive career path.

1985, Zhang Hui was born in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. In 2005, she returned to Hangzhou from Zhejiang, Jiaxing University, packaging design professional, into an advertising company engaged in product design. Zhang Hui often pay attention to entrepreneurial opportunities in the work of others. In 2006, she set up in Hangzhou, Hangzhou first-line Advertising Co., Ltd., the main real estate advertising and planning some of the graphic design.

2009 in August, Zhang Hui launched a "well-designed" a souvenir – cartoon ceramic cup, printed above the scenery of Hangzhou, West Lake. After the cup is done, look at these printed and soulful connotation of the characteristics of the West Lake gift, Zhang Hui seems to see a lot of tourists competing for the glorious scene of the ceramic cup.

did not expect this batch of ceramic cup after the listing, Zhang Hui was dumbfounded, buy less and less. Zhang Hui pulled a tourist and asked, "do you think this glass is not good? It is not suitable for friends? On the road, it is also very practical, can be used to drink water." A tourist bluntly said: "this cup is good, but it has a fatal weakness, that is, ceramic cup carrying inconvenient, how do we travel around with it?" In this way, the beginning of the venture Zhang Hui was severely injured a back, the first development of souvenirs declared failure.

Design scarf map

create new styles.

2011 in August, Zhang Hui began to develop silk map. The material of cotton, silk, chiffon, polyester peach skin, every kind of material from the aspects of absorbing sweat, coloring, hardness, printing and other tests. Suitable for cotton silk, wipe convenient, but because too easy to absorb, resulting in printing color too much, the picture is not fine; polyester color uniform, the picture is recommended

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