How to seize the business opportunities for the business

supply unexpectedly also can become a business opportunity, it felt for many people is an unbelievable thing. The recent visit to the market, I heard a number of retail customers due to the tight supply of cigarettes and lead to loss of business. As a retail customer, how to seize the opportunity to make the retail business booming? The author believes that the following aspects:


to hold the opportunity, the availability of supply. In the beginning of each month, most tobacco companies will increase the supply of marketable brand, some retail customers need to seize the opportunity at this time, the supply of reserves.

two to sell, seize the opportunity. In the tight supply situation, hot smoke can become an important weight to retain a small number of consumers, it also put the smoke tight role to play to the maximum. In addition, retail customers can also use the tight cigarette to retain old customers. For those new customers, retail customers can introduce other cigarette brands, with the price of the same grade, in order to satisfy every customer demand, try not to let consumers return empty handed.

three to beautify the image to attract consumers. Retail store signs, image, spatial layout, indoor clean, orderly display of goods, etc., is a key factor to attract customers into the store. Cigarette display should also have a law, generally by the price from high to low for the arrangement, so that the orderly arrangement of the standard, so that consumers can be effective in a short time to buy their own brands.

good commodities are tight goods at any time, once the sales season, the shortage will naturally become a very normal thing. In order to have a lot of shortage of supply to deal with cigarette tight, as long as the retail customers to adhere to the management, credit management in accordance with the law in the daily operation, according to the usual sales reasonable purchase, timely service, timely to the tight supply of retail disc, will be able to seize the opportunity, let the store business.

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