Retail store hit the big supermarket airborne how to do

a place if only retail stores, under the protection of a certain amount of traffic, business should be good. However, if the "airborne" big supermarket, business will undoubtedly be a considerable impact. In this context, so that many retail stores encountered problems. For example, we are here in the township market is monopolized by the chain, as our small supermarket, how to survive?

the main symptoms of super large penetration of customer diversion good

the main flavor gradually collapsed in front of prescription only slowly to raise

chain continues to go down

shop owner more sad

What a good

get disheartened

heard that professional can be romantic

business is difficult, business is difficult, business is always difficult. In the past, no super down leg, our shop still passable, the surrounding customers to Toronto, gouxiaoliangwang. But to the arrival of our customers most * * chain, he pulled away, our goods are not as good as others chain more varieties, our price is not be flexible, our service does not have people linked to the formal, the customer is gone, most of them went to the police chain, how to do?

retail store encountered big super airborne how to do it?

first, is to establish confidence. Faith is what Baidu explains: faith is the belief that behavior is bound to succeed. As our retail store since it is impossible to change the present situation, there is no ability to stop each other on, here in the town that is good, we will learn a great man once said, it is strategically despise the enemy, the enemy from the tactical importance.

the enemy is not terrible, fear is not a defeat, fear is no confidence, no confidence, no belief must also can not find a solution. The Red Army to march on the road along the way, get rid of the powerful enemy besieged heaven aircraft, with guns on the ground, a man led a group of like-minded comrades to the northwest of our country, resolutely jumped out of the encirclement of the enemy, in order to achieve a great idea for the purpose of survival.

as our retail store encountered such a situation, the confidence is to enhance the first place. Since we have super legs to this place, it is not where we live. You look at each big super around, not some professional store to survive very well. From this point of view, we can see how important confidence is. If you have confidence, you will be re – emphasis on your customers, will be re – Pondering over the gap

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