Sunshine water heater phenom franchise sales market unpopular

solar water heater, in our life, has always been a very important daily necessities. Now, in the Home Furnishing market, brand solar water heater water heater only too many to count, the sun phenom has very high popularity, join the choice is very has the advantage.


phenom sun water heater?

phenom solar water heater heat accumulation pipe adopts the durability and the amorphous oxide crystal completely and physical characteristics and utilization of the full range of light black chrome material nano material super insulation water storage barrel and other leading technology, developed a new set of sunshine phenom provided household phenom solar water heater heating water, heating, in one generation.

humanized intelligent design more concise and convenient

phenom sunshine water heater with a large display, stalls, the water temperature at a glance. To meet the fast-paced life of modern people, one by one, hot water flow, multi file regulation, you can meet the needs of the four seasons bath.

Multi channel water supply design based on

The closed system

phenom sun water heater, it can be used for multiple use, such as access to the kitchen, wash basin, shower room and so many hot points. Meet the four seasons of the family with hot water, especially in the cold winter, the care of the hands of the family, the family warm and fun.

high efficient heating namely open and hot

Sunshine water heater

phenom leading hydropower isolation heating technology, rapid heating, water heating, 3 seconds will be instantly accessible without hot water, water storage, without preheating, no heat, the heat, hot water supply can all-weather continuously, meet the water needs of modern society.

excellent features practical and convenient

phenom sun water heater with gas water heater thermal safety, electric water heater, solar energy water heater excellent characteristics in one, truly, worry, rest assured that the use of more comfortable.

phenom solar water heater has provided water heater function, but also to power. Due to the black chromium oxide crystal can receive the full range of light waves, so the effect is better than ordinary solar energy, usually 2 hours to reach the boiling point of water. Super thermal insulation performance, the use of high-tech nano thermal insulation materials to make solar water heater thermal insulation coefficient increased exponentially, is the market’s other solar 3-5 times.


phenom sun water heater? Not only loved by consumers, joining the sun phenom water heater project, also has the very good business opportunities. If you are also very exciting, then, >

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