What is the purpose of the contract to open the store

we like to do anything to add a point to protect their own, shop business is more so, join must rely on the contract, the contract in the development of franchise chain, is a basic form. So what is the role of the contract to start a shop in the end what we do, let us look at it.

signed a contract to join the purpose:

1. is a series of technical commodity / service provide authorized franchise business and not simply use the franchisor’s trademark, but to use a set of goods / services series technology, and even part of the patent technology components.

the technology content to spend a lot of manpower, financial and material resources in the development process, is protected by law, can not arbitrarily use, shall be paid by authorized contract form, clear responsibilities and obligations of both parties, Party management. For example, the deliberate imitation may be able to develop a similar McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food restaurants, but McDonald’s and KFC’s trademark, influence and special flavor, such as unique things but can not learn. If you do not join the chain system, you will not be able to obtain the benefits that can be obtained.

2. for the maintenance of relations between the two sides to join their respective interests of the franchisor, authorized by the content is the chain of life, the development of chain system also depends on the growth of.

protection of the commodity / service series image becomes a critical problem. Otherwise, the lack of the necessary constraints, once a franchisee hit this brand, the development of the whole chain system will be seriously frustrated. For the franchisee, once into the chain system, the fate of its development to the chain system, the two sides have formed a community of destiny, but also need to restrict the chain system. In addition, the rights and obligations of both parties shall be stipulated in the contract.

3. for the standardization of the chain system, unified chain is a chain.

see these 3 reasons, I believe you sign a contract to join the shop, there have been some understanding, hope to help you want to start a business.

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