Micro blog marketing and brand make money way

wrote the "joking SEO SEO in micro-blog marketing ranking" got a lot of friends, then continue to write some knowledge about the basic knowledge of micro-blog marketing, so that more people understand the micro-blog marketing for micro-blog, this is marketing, I can not give too many different things to different people. How to answer, Zhu Weikun is just an amateur, not a master, just a love practice for the man who wrote the article, well, into today’s topic:

a, micro-blog timeliness

for the heart, will know that a lot of share knowledge, marketing is mentioned is to let you continue to release contains the key words, this time you through the search box to search keywords, the basic information are you, this time, the master to tell you that you are successful


but, you have to think about micro-blog’s strong, micro-blog’s user wide.

if you send micro-blog is a SEO, then go to the search box search, SEO topic, you are on the home page.

but this has nothing to do with the value of micro-blog marketing, this time to do SEO bigwigs as well as newcomers, the basic is rarely concerned about learning through micro-blog seo.

, if you go to micro-blog square, to search for popular keywords, such as:


# hearing this keyword take # girl disfigured case to do, you try it, you release, the basic will be flooded, because too many people interaction.

of course, we have to talk about a marketing topic, this time, you may be able to sell what weight loss tea or what kind of stock products.

you go to micro-blog to do marketing, marketing is a brand, or a kind of image, rather than transformation.

because it’s limited.

two, micro-blog charm talk

if the above that point of knowledge, we do not understand, think it is nonsense words, then from this section to let you know micro-blog marketing purposes, as well as his potential value:

1 user attention

micro-blog’s biggest role is to spread fast and low cost. But you must have the value of the topic, will be televised, as mentioned above girl disfigured case, this is the topic of society and love topic, it is easy to let the majority of users to pay attention to, as well as the use of finger click on it, I just have to broadcast once, said he had hit the soy sauce.

2 user concentration

this concentration will be @ we love to tell cold jokes, to do the case! Why micro-blog will allow users to maximize the favor, the most simple is that micro-blog is a show from the media >

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