Alibaba sued the intellectual rogue case filing requirements Hangzhou Wei apology to businesses

Alibaba against intellectual property "rogue" Henzhao, picked up the legal weapons to


Alibaba against intellectual property "rogue" Henzhao! Following the February 7th issued a "ban order" after February 14th, and pick up the legal weapons to submit petitions to the Beijing Dongcheng District court, on the grounds of unfair competition to the Hangzhou Health Science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as "Hangzhou Wei") as in claim 1 million 100 thousand, and asked the public apologize.


has paid legal fees, the court formally filed

this is the first domestic business platform sued the intellectual property "rogue" case, has been formally opened the court. Alibaba chief platform officer Zheng Junfang (nickname "governance Nun Killer") said that counterfeiting is a worldwide problem, and intellectual property "rogue" is to seek illegitimate interests with fake name, seriously disrupting the market environment, so I hope to resort to legal means, continue to squeeze the living space of rogue elements.

in this case, the "Hangzhou Wei" is an intellectual property agency company, is a Alibaba to intellectual property "rogue" war on the first block object. Big data show, "Hangzhou Wei" in full on the platform of complaints over thousands of sellers, involving women’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household appliances and other hundreds of brands, many businesses can provide evidence that they are not selling.

Alibaba believes that the "Hangzhou Wei" in not knowing the existence of fake cases, malicious complaints platform merchants selling fake products, seriously affected the normal operation of the business, in violation of the principle of good faith and accepted business ethics, consume a lot of Alibaba investment to protect intellectual resources, disrupt the normal operation order and fair competition environment.

taking into account the claim amount is not sufficient to compensate for the actual loss finally, Alibaba proposed after considering the economic loss of 1 million, 100 thousand of the reasonable expenses for nominal compensation, and its false complaints public apology, eliminate the impact of.

hope that the parties do not be fooled by rogue, do not indulge rogue behavior, really join hands to protect intellectual property rights." Zheng Junfang said, Ali resolutely protect intellectual property rights, and has Burberry, LV, Cartier, apple, Nike and other more than 18 thousand international brands to carry out fake cooperation, Ali fake "budget without limit, in no limit, but by no means can be" intellectual property hooligans "kidnapping and waste, the case is just the beginning, the future will continue to exhaust all means to purify the market environment.

sued intellectual property rogue Q& A

1, Ali is how to find this malicious complaints


Hangzhou network science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou network guardian) is an intellectual property agency, the agent of more than 100 brands on behalf of Alibaba intellectual property complaints platform complaints. Big data show, Hangzhou network Wei was in

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