Micro business poly powder is the largest pit frequency is not fast enough

just saw an article today, is to know the source of the boss. That is the biggest pressure on Entrepreneurs: the change is too slow. The contents of the article did not see, but this sentence is I absolutely sure. From the perspective of entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship: easy setting difficult; from the micro business point of view: grasping the powder easily, difficult to activate the fans. All in all, can not retain users. First case:

before the face MOE is a fleeting example. The fire is absolutely silent in a complete mess, quickly. Now the "foot" fire, a fix tens of millions of users, in the end can grow to what extent, depends on what they take to allow users to continue to concern, no persistent updates will appear two problems: 1, this is very easy to be imitated by others to engage in. 2, after the heat, it is easy to be forgotten.

We can trace the root of

: the role of fans, was to star with. We look at Fan Bingbing’s acting is not good, why the popularity of high? Because she will operate, often to their own topic. On the big brother Jackie Chan, down to the cattle brother Li Chen let her to create their own topic to use. There is only one purpose: to attract the attention of fans, sustained their popularity. Star gas, the topic is too small, too long to leave our eyeballs.

said this, do micro business should be aware of, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of users have been arrested, most of them are leaving or quiet, the reason for this. Do not continue to seize the user’s heart or eye, no activity or viscosity of the fans is basically a waste.

we are aware of, in the Internet overbearing under the impact of the traditional marketing theory in the halls of idols have collapsed, was replaced by the new theory of ruthless. Fans obsession cycle in the product life cycle subversion, is a typical example. In the traditional business world, the product life cycle to "year" as a unit of measurement, and in the Internet business world, fans obsessed with the cycle is "month", even to "day" or "hours" to calculate.

so how to retain users, get the loyalty of fans


‘s "theory of relativity" provides us with a feasible thinking framework. The five rule is that the incentive, matching rule: No, reward punishment; change rule: don’t change the reward punishment; timely rule: not timely reward punishment; full rule: full reward punishment; public law: public reward punishment.

we can extract the most important thing is: the first three points of the nature of the composition – to provide users with different needs. So, micro operators have to get hold of the user to do this problem:

1, continue to provide value

interrupt the value of the time can not be too long, otherwise it is easy for fans to ignore your sense of existence, the value of the original, there is viscosity

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