Under the new deal import electricity supplier overseas positions you have to know

cross-border tax reform, overseas positions once again pushed on the limelight. Although the "suspension" after the introduction of the policy, cross-border free trade model has returned to normal, but the overseas Jiancang boom 1:30 will also stop.


recently, a dolphin supply chain tree’s continuous launched overseas positions in Europe and Japan, and recently, the center of the sea silk road also opened overseas positions in australia. Hu Haiqi, director of the company’s import supply chain operations, said: Overseas positions can not only solve the import policy risk, but also in addition to the bonded warehouse stocking on the supplement. Layout of overseas warehouses is a necessary part of cross-border supply chain".

in the face of this stock Jiancang trend, ask, establishment of overseas positions pay attention to what the problem? Hugo interviewed a number of industry insiders.

overseas Jiancang funds, the ability of a less

overseas warehouse, as the name suggests is in the warehouse outside. From the business level, there is only one of the external warehouse can not solve anything actually, therefore, in addition to the warehouse outside the warehouse, to cover the entire logistics supply chain with its solution.

so what kind of business it suitable for the construction of overseas positions? About the relevant responsible person said, not all businesses are suitable for the construction of overseas positions, it needs to meet two conditions. One is the demand, the other is the strength.

"imported from the point of view, many companies are central Jicai, construction of overseas positions do not necessarily need to. Strength refers to the capital is not necessarily strong or not, a wide range of overseas positions, in addition to funding, the ability is also very important. According to the person in charge said that the current major cross-border platform for the import of foreign warehouses, in addition to the Amazon outside of such enterprises, basically the establishment of cooperation with overseas companies.

would like to build overseas warehouse, you have to consider:

1, site

overseas warehouse location is not as easy to choose a warehouse, and the company itself is not so professional election positions. The distance from the port to the airport, the local weather, and the distance between the suppliers are considered.

2, cost control

the establishment of overseas warehouses need to invest a lot of money, including warehousing, hardware and software equipment, labor costs, these are not cheap. About the relevant responsible person said, compared with the domestic overseas warehouse, warehouse rental and artificial are more expensive. For example, Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, rent several times more expensive than the mainland. Prior to the industry have pointed out that the cost of the same size in Japan to build overseas warehouse is nearly a hundred times Nanjing.

According to the

blue ocean pier CEO once introduced, at a scale of 3000 square meters of American overseas positions, probably hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investment, the labor costs accounted for about 30%-40%. About the relevant responsible person said that the current overseas positions the spine >

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