BES logistics intends to raise 700 million in preparation for the PO


technology – Beijing morning news on January 16th, the world bank’s private sector investment in international financial company (IFC) disclosure revealed that the best logistics from Hangzhou is a new round of financing of $700 million, while the IFC plan for the company’s investment of up to $30 million.

Alibaba currently holds the best logistics company, and the company is also in preparation for the IPO (initial public offering). The company’s financing shows that investors are closely watching China’s rapid development of the electricity supplier infrastructure areas.

with the rapid development of Alibaba and Jingdong and other companies, investors are investing in China’s logistics warehousing company. In the United States, WAL-MART and many other retail giants operating independent logistics system, and UPS and FedEx and other companies to ensure rapid delivery. However, in China, logistics services have not yet been fully developed, electricity providers need to work closely with logistics service providers, the construction of warehousing and distribution network, in order to keep up with the pace of development of the electricity supplier market.

IFC disclosed information shows that the best logistics will use the latest round of financing funds to expand the business and acquisition. It is unclear IPO best logistics time and place.

best logistics was founded in 2007, the founder of Google Chinese former co President Zhou Shaoning. The company is developing rapidly nationwide warehousing and distribution network. In Chinese, best logistics has 400 logistics center. In addition, the company has 3 warehouses in the United States, but also has a place in germany.

private equity funds and other investors interested in the logistics system is due, which will help them to share the development of China’s electricity supplier market dividend, but do not have to take the risk to participate in electricity supplier class technology start-ups.

in addition to Alibaba, the company’s current shareholders include Zhou Shaoning himself and Foxconn. Goldman’s private equity sector is the best logistics shareholders. (Zhang Fan)

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