Soil network founder Gao Lei WeChat teach agricultural electricity supplier

on the evening of July 7th 7, the blue wheat electricity supplier chairman and CEO, Gao Lei, founder of the soil network, should be invited to the community of Lei Feng, for the group of friends to teach WeChat open class on the status quo, difficulties and other agricultural electricity supplier.

entrepreneurs need very careful

status on agricultural electricity supplier Gao Lei said: some people love to say "air", because the agricultural business is the outlet, the outlet is on the flying pig, so they began to do agricultural business and I can always see; the risk, although I am not afraid, but the business is indeed to be very careful.

The difficulty about agricultural electricity supplier

, Gao Lei said humorously, agricultural electricity providers do as we want to marry a daughter-in-law in the deep mountains and forests, to go into the car, the road is not smooth, can only be experienced all kinds of hardships, tramp over mountains and through ravines travel over land and water, home to marry her. Lists the four major difficulties of agricultural business conditions and customs, industrial chain, supply chain problems, and the end consumer problem.

Gao Lei talked about China’s logistics and distribution problems. He said, China about 1000000000 people, but only more than 70 thousand of the amount of refrigerated trucks, an average of 20 thousand people; 150 thousand in Japan, the United States is 250 thousand, their average 800-1200 people have a refrigerated truck, so their refrigerated transport rate is as high as 80-90%, and our proportion is too low. To get close to the level of cold chain transport in developed countries, China needs at least 600 thousand refrigerated trucks.

confident soil can succeed

on doing agriculture or do electricity supplier, Gao Lei pointed out: more time, not to do agriculture, nor do electricity supplier, but to do the waiter". He wants to take to the soil net tool type, service type and data type, the direction of the move, the direction, will eventually allow to take into a network of soil between agricultural products and consumers "waiter".

Gao Lei also talked about "protracted war". He said: do not want to fight a protracted war preparations, take it for granted to do agricultural electricity supplier, I think it is very reckless, very hasty. If you just go for a shot, it is best not to choose to do agricultural electricity supplier." He also said: "a project, make the vow, will determine the future outcome. I want to take the soil, the beginning of the heart is good, our vow is good, I believe you will not give up the beginning of the heart, therefore, I am confident, I think the earth take is very likely to succeed."

These wonderful words of Gao Lei

, a strong resonance group of friends, many group of friends even said "".


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